Welcome to our blog post on converting 80 square yards into Marla. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, don’t worry! We will explain everything in detail, making it easy for you to understand. Whether you are planning to buy or sell real estate, or simply curious about conversions, this post will provide you with the necessary information.

What is a Square Yard?

A square yard is a unit of area commonly used in real estate and land measurement. It is derived from the imperial system and is defined as a square with sides measuring one yard each. In metric terms, one square yard is equivalent to approximately 0.836 square meters.

Understanding Marla

Marla is a traditional unit of area measurement commonly used in South Asia, particularly in India and Pakistan. It varies in size depending on the region, but in Pakistan, one Marla is equal to 25 square yards.

Conversion Calculation

To convert 80 square yards into Marla, we need to divide the given area by the conversion factor. In this case, the conversion factor is 25, as one Marla is equal to 25 square yards.

So, 80 square yards ÷ 25 = 3.2 Marla

Therefore, 80 square yards is equal to 3.2 Marla.

Significance of the Conversion

Understanding the conversion of square yards into Marla is essential when dealing with real estate in South Asia, especially in Pakistan. Many property listings and transactions are quoted in Marla, and being able to convert between different units of area helps in making informed decisions.

Additional Conversion Factors

It’s worth noting that the conversion factor can vary in different regions. For example, in some areas of India, one Marla may be equivalent to 20 square yards. Therefore, it is always recommended to double-check the local conversion factor when dealing with specific locations.


Converting 80 square yards into Marla is a straightforward calculation that can be useful in various real estate scenarios. Whether you are buying, selling, or just interested in understanding property measurements, knowing this conversion will assist you in making informed decisions. Remember to consider regional variations in the conversion factor for precise calculations.

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