5 Marla Into Gaj

When it comes to measuring land in South Asia, different units are used. One common measurement unit is the Marla, which is widely used in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. However, in some regions, the unit of Gaj is more commonly used. In this blog post, we will explore the conversion between 5 Marla and Gaj and understand the significance of this conversion.

What is a Marla?

A Marla is a traditional unit of area measurement used in South Asia. Its size varies slightly depending on the region, but generally, 1 Marla is equivalent to 272.25 square feet or 25.2929 square meters.

What is a Gaj?

Gaj is another unit of area measurement commonly used in South Asian countries. It is equivalent to 9 square feet or approximately 0.836 square meters.

Conversion: 5 Marla into Gaj

To convert Marla into Gaj, we need to know that 1 Marla is equal to 25.2929 square meters and 1 Gaj is equal to 0.836 square meters. By dividing these two values, we can find the conversion factor:

Conversion factor = 25.2929 / 0.836 = 30.25

Therefore, 1 Marla is approximately equal to 30.25 Gaj.

Now, let’s calculate 5 Marla into Gaj:

5 Marla * 30.25 Gaj/Marla = 151.25 Gaj

So, 5 Marla is approximately equal to 151.25 Gaj.

Significance of 5 Marla into Gaj

The conversion of 5 Marla into Gaj holds significance in real estate and property transactions. It helps individuals, especially those familiar with the Gaj unit, to understand the size and value of a 5 Marla property. Whether you are planning to buy or sell a property, knowing this conversion can be beneficial in making informed decisions.


Understanding the conversion between Marla and Gaj is crucial for anyone dealing with land or property in South Asia. In this blog post, we explored the conversion of 5 Marla into Gaj, which is approximately equal to 151.25 Gaj. We hope this information helps you in your future endeavors related to land measurement and property transactions. If you have any questions or additional insights, feel free to leave a comment below.

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